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New York, United States


iPullRank is a digital marketing studio (or agency if you prefer) that’s all about delivering great results for great clients. We’re a bold, young shop doing work that is proactive, reliable, outstanding, useful and dedicated. In other words, we do work that we’re PROUD of rather than just work you can bill hours for. We focus on delivering outcomes rather than just showing activity.

We’re the place that strategic, creative and technical professionals go when they are concerned about their legacy. We turn practitioners into masters and masters into thought leaders. We also have an awesome time doing it.

We’re a strategy-first agency focused on Content Strategy/Marketing, Analytics, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Solutions Architecture, Marketing Automation, Predictive Analytics, Pay-Per Click, and Marketing Technology headed up by industry thought leader Michael King.

Position Description

iPullRank is looking for a full stack developer with PHP experience to join our team and help with web development, custom tool construction, site building, marketing automation, conversion rate optimization. This developer either has had experience with a variety of front end and back end development projects and is comfortable solving complex problems quickly and efficiently. This role works directly with Client teams to deliver best-in-class marketing and Solutions Architecture work that drives results. This person will lead web development efforts and collaborate extensively with Mike King to actively contribute to marketing research and develop new strategies for the marketing community.

This is a full-time, on-site role.We are not considering remote employees at this time.

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We Offer Competitive Salaries Commensurate with Experience

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